Thursday, August 26, 2010

Im ready to go that extra mile

Just to see my friends smile,
Iam ready to go that extra mile,
Just when things are not going their way
Iam ready to give them an ear and let them all say
So that they don’t choke within and release their agony ,their pain.
So that failure don’t bog them down,and make them go insane.
And just to make them at peace and reconcile
Iam ready to go that extra mile.

They say life is not just a bed of roses,

You ought to accept challenges it poses.
My friends,go face life,fear not,Iam there for you all
And Iam there to hold hands when you trip and fall
Life will no more be a bundle of frustration, an action futile
For just to make your lives more meaning ful,more ductile
Iam ready to go that extra mile.


  1. thanks dear,,,u have been a great help,,,,,,,,,

  2. @beyond... horizon,,thank you so much,,,,,,,,god bless

  3. and that extra mile is all that makes the difference

  4. yes dear,,,,i agree with you,,,,,,,,in every aspect oflife,,,,extra mile,makes,,,the difference,,,infact ,,most of,,the relationship,,fail,.,today,,because,,one,,in life,,we start taking,,people,,and relations..for granted,,,be it deliberately,,or,,unknowingly.even if e once go out of our way,,to show,,how,much we care for them,,life will be just,,so beautiful,,,,,,wat say???????

  5. @beyond,,,horizon,thank you so much......for being in consonance..with me,,,,,,,,.