Thursday, November 18, 2010


The sky dark above and,
The darkness in my heart
The darkness up there,will someday part
But the darkness within is  never to depart,

The moon of the sky will come every fortnight
Killing all darkness, illuminating it bright,

The moon of my heart is missing and gone,
Leaving its sky all dark and forlorn,
The sky that once was all glitter and glow,
Is now all engulfed as darkness grow!!!!!!!


  1. It's beautiful dear. But sad. The moon is never gone forever... only a fortnight. So smile, it will be all glitter and glow again :)

  2. thnks dear,,,someone who has lost his/her love,,,for him the moon ,,is,,,,,,her/his lover,,,unless n untill he/she comes back.,the,sky,,of,,the heart can never ,,glow,,again,,until,he/she returns....and,,yes,one has to be hopeful always,,its great to c u all positive,god bless!!!!

  3. let that dark corner reside in heart, it makes you value so many other bright aspects of life.
    what wonderful weaving of words to display an emotion so deep